Lorna, Bladder Cancer Cure with Soda Bicarbonate – Dr Tulio Simoncini

Lorna Sent me a Word Document on how she got rid of Bladder cancer. This is her writing, many recommendations do not have very much to do with Tullio’s standpoints, diet first of all.

Trying to heal your body via alternative means is long term.
There is no quick fix.

I thought it best just to tell everyone what I did over the last 6 months.

Here is the list I followed.

Educate yourself on the cancer you have, find out everything you can about it. Use the internet. Try and get a good idea of the treatment that the Urologist, Oncologist or doctor is offering so that you can ask all the right questions. Take a friend or member of your family or tape recorder into the doctor’s office with you. I found my mind would turn to mush if the doctor said the word cancer or anything negative.

Ask your friend or partner to write everything he/she hears down for you. Then you can go over it at home and write down any questions you may have. I went online and found other people with the same type of cancer, who did the conventional treatment and found out how it turned out for them. Many people advised me to get second opinions. I didn’t go down this road, but I would have if there was any threat of removing my bladder or any other organ in my body. One of the most encouraging sayings I read during my research was “Don’t let the doctors remove anything from your body, as you may need it when you are healed”.

I would recommend the Anti Candida diet, the book to buy is “Eating your way to good Health” by Doug A Kaufmann & Jami Clark. This is the diet I followed. It is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Try this email address as well RadiantHealthBR@cox.net or try Amazon.com or the author’s website: check the back of the book for a simple plan to follow. Follow it for about 1 year or until you are healed. Eat organic or free range foods. Not caged protein. I try and NOT buy anything with a number on the box. Dr Greg Emerson in Brisbane, Australia is the man to see regarding the Anti Candida diet. His website address is  http://www.drgregemerson.com.au

Other books I personally read and found helpful when it came to good healthy nutrition are:
“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” by Elaine Hollingsworth
“Life without bread”

I did the Dr Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate treatment on my bladder. With much perseverance I eventually found a sympathetic doctor to insert a permanent catheter into my bladder and instil the first SB treatment. From then on I did it with the help of my husband at home. You can actually buy a sterile SB solution; just ask your pharmacy to order it. It is made by Pfizer and it is called Sodium Bicarbonate Intravenous Infusion BP 8.4%, it comes in 100ml sterile bottles and costs about Australian $16 per bottle. I also needed large 50 or 60ml syringes as well as needles so you can instil the solution through the catheter. After 4 days with the permanent catheter I was in pain where the catheter entered the urethra and a doctor friend of mine suggested that I use single use catheters. He could not give me any further advice on this. The website which supplies catheters, mentioned below, also has a telephone number for continence nurses. I called them and told them that I was doing a cancer treatment and that I needed to use single use catheters. The nurse very kindly advised which size to buy. She also explained how I insert the catheter myself. It was fairly simple; in fact people use catheters all the time, like people with disabilities. With this system I was able to insert the catheter myself and instil the solution myself and continue with life normally. It was perfect. The Syringes were really hard to come by, but I found the website which sells catheters also sells syringes. Give it a try. This is an Australian website.

(I canceled the link because it is broken)

Dr Simoncini advised me on the treatment regime via email; using 150 to 200ml every day for 1 week and then every 2nd day for two weeks, then a 2 week break and then the same treatment again. I would hold the solution in my bladder for 40 minutes turning from my back to my tummy to both sides. Dr Simoncini guided me through the treatment via email. I am not sure how you can treat your type of cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate (SB). Here is Dr Simoncini’s website address, please email him for help. That’s what I did. HYPERLINK

I have also attached 2 websites where Dr Simoncini was interviewed in USA, a friend of his asked if he could interview me after the treatment. I have put the link below as well.


I found Doctor Simoncini a very compassionate man and you will see that in his interviews. He genuinely wants to help people with cancer.

4) VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS (Build a strong immune system)
I take many vitamin supplements to optimize my health and build my immune system. I would like to recommend a company called Modere, they are a multi level marketing company, I just joined the business through a friend and order the products myself, it saves me time and money. Modere products are all organic. These ones are from Modere: – Feroxin, vitacell, and Green QI, Revenol and cascading Revenol, the rest you can source elsewhere. Blackmores vitamin B complex and B6, Omega 3 fish oil, powdered lactobacillus acidophilus,

I also went on a natural parasite killing treatment; ask a Naturopath or Dr Greg Emerson.

I will replace my silver fillings for white fillings – apparently the silver fillings have mercury in them which can poison your body.

Lots of exercise; I do ½ hr or more walk 4 days a week, with light weights for my arms, stomach exercises and stretching. This is to oxygenate your body.

I took every Friday off work. I did a good 1 hour walk and then I went for a shiatsu massage or an infra red sauna (meant to detox the body). I found these 2 natural therapies worked for me. I tried several different things. You will have to figure out what best works for you. But just to prove how well it works. I had been for a shiatsu massage on the Friday morning and then on the Monday morning I went to a holistic dentist who looks at your entire health not just your teeth. He did a computerized Electro Acupuncture Point Decoder test on me and couldn’t find anything wrong with me. He asked if I had been meditating and I said no, that I had been for a massage. He looked at me sceptically. I also learnt to meditate and tried to do it each day for 10 minutes or more, I used this time to meditate and pray. Have a look online for some ideas on how to meditate.

Get some healthy sunshine for Vitamin D about 20 minutes a day between 10am and 3pm. Expose as much of the body as possible. NOOOOOO sunblock!!!! Don’t use it, it has been proven to be bad for you. Just recently Vitamin D has been proven to prevent many cancers.

Filter out fluoride and chlorine in your drinking water, try and get rid of all cleaning chemicals etc in the home, try and use natural products like Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar instead. Check all your hand creams make sure there are no nasty chemicals in them; use certified organic products for cleaning your house and your body. Read books on this, there are hundreds.

Get rid of all electrical appliances in your bedroom. Try and get a clear clean sleep 8 to 10 hours per night. No mobiles in the bedroom, no TV, no clocks, no cordless telephones, no computers.

Coconut Oil huge benefits, read up on it in the book I recommended “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” by Elaine Hollingsworth

Lastly and most importantly, become spiritually nourished. Faith in God is very important. My church gave me huge encouragement.

Simply fix your body so it can fix itself.

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