Nadia Toffa: “Cancer is a Gift!” Therefore, She Dies Of Cancer

Nadia Toffa died of Cancer, the demented woman who was barking: “cancer is a gift“, died of Cancer shortly after having strenuously advertised her own illness, using it as a mean for marketing lethal chemotherapy and radiotherapy, mass killing machines, before butchery.

If it is true that Nadia Toffa died of cancer, her death is the physical proof of the fact that the fraudulent propaganda, coming from her and her masters, is based and was based on false statements, lies, lies, lies.

Now we remember the balderdash that Nadia Toffa was selling in television in favor of the monopoly medicine, before she died and compare them with the material data of her rapid death, which at most can vaguely disclose her good faith, perhaps. A stupid and ignorant person, in fact, may well go to tell falsehoods on television, remaining in good faith, convinced that she/he is saying the right things, except then to see that with those lies people perish, and now it has also fallen to her.

The leading bootlicker of the gang of plagiarists, forgers and sycophants of the Italian television program called “le iene“, had the “gift of cancer” and said she was then treated by “wonderful doctors“, as well as by the very important, and, indeed, from the fundamental, “clown-doctors“, who opened her up it with sharp knives, after poisoning her with chemotherapy and roasted her with ionizing radiations, they took away all the no good from her inside (there was nothing to take in the head, so we rule out the possibility of a brain cancer), and recharged her batteries so to put her back in television, and let her go on with telling her tragic nonsense on television.

Every animal seems to have its own function in the complex system of nature; what then is the function of the morons? The only thing they know how to do well, and they continuously do it very well, is talking nonsense and troubling others for no reason.

As a result of a diabolical strategic plan, an inordinate amount of stupid and very ignorant fools are put on television, to entertain and distract taxpayers from their true problems with idiocies, and to induce those idiots who still watch the television to adopt specific behaviors, adaptable to the different commercial needs of the TV’s clients. Nadia Toffa was one of those many hired idiots paid to talk nonsenses, rented by the patrons of printed paper and Television, to feed the propaganda of ignorance and the most pernicious television frivolity.

The stupid and the ignorant knows nothing about anything. And this is obvious, they are ignorant as well as stupid. But the point is that, being stupid as well as ignorant, they do not even realize their own ignorance, as well as not learning of their own stupidity, of which they can understand nothing for an irreversible and evil law of nature, which is ever more implacable . A fool by definition understands very little; how can we therefore expect her/him to understand that he is stupid and, sometimes worse, to realizes she/he is also ignorant?

The miraculous trick of the television consists in propagating idiocies, through the stupid and the ignorant which in the television maunder, which nonsense then materialize in addresses of opinion to the television viewer, “advices for purchases“, moral orientations and useless recommendations on the behaviors “to be held” and the measures “to be taken” in relation to specific factual circumstances, which can also happen in real life. The stupid and the ignorant talking on television give recommendations, suggestions, advices, guides, to people who are less ignorant but no less stupid than them, about “what to do” in this situation or in that one, as if they were competent in the facts of this situation or that other, which they most certainly are not.

The historical proof of falsehoods of lies and foolishness shouted by the bizarre and illiterate Nadia Toffa lies in the fatal outcome of the “gift” of her illness. For a long time, Nadia Toffa, with her undertaker cronies, recounted great craps, licking the soles of the medicine of Monopoly, licking the soles of her masters, as does the notorious pimp Roberto Burioni and all the other flunkies who propagate ideological implants from the televisions. Nadia Toffa went so far as to perform a great ceremony of her own illness, offering herself as an example, “see? If you do like me … you get well “; and yet in a few months she also died out, proving once again that the butchery in monopoly white coat (“I did chemotherapy, I had radiation therapy, wonderful doctors operated on me and have removed 100% of cancer …”) does not solve the problem of cancer, as it does not solve all other problems, both those of chronic diseases and those of the AIDS and EBOLA myths, rather, it accelerates the path to the grave .

And yet, in front of the tragic “gift” of the predictable rapid death of Nadia Toffa, all the fools of television, among them of course also politicians, like Salvini, who are simply other puppets of television, talk about something else, simulate emotion, and forget about the fundamental and very important contradiction of her death, relatively sudden but absolutely predictable, compared to the nonsense that she preached and the lies she told on television in relation to the human tragedy of cancer, culpably promoting the crimes and genocide (worldwide, 10 million die every year as monopoly oncology’s victims) operated by the monopoly medicine, because it is a inescapable destiny, that of kicking the bucket, badly but quickly enough, for anyone who gets slaughtered by the sharp knives of pimps in white coat and roasted by radiotherapy, after being poisoned and immune-suppressing by chemotherapy.

If it is true that the certifiable flunky Nadia Toffa died of cancer, then it is not true that her cancer was one of her many television lies, as I thought, probably wrongly. And it could be true that her cancer can actually be considered a “gift”, as she called it, because it allows all the fools who have given her credit, as well as the puppeteers who have supported her, to realize that her television stupidities didn’t work, so much so that she died, deservedly, just of cancer, like Umberto Veronesi before her, a few months after her last television appearances in which she told of being healed and being on the ball, ready to tell new fairy tales, normally to the detriment of others but this time also to her own damage.


Nadia Toffa, with her cronies undertakers, toadies, counterfeiters and plagiarists, of  “le iene“, has crawled licking floors for years in the lanes of the sanctuaries of the parasitic disease industry, the monopoly medicine, rubbing herself against the charlatans in white coat who had the gut to say: “… diabetes is a disease that does not heal … psoriasis is an unknown disease that does not cure … the cold does not heal …” – “but then what the hell do I need the doctor for?” You could ask. “You need it”, they tell you, they make you believe, the trade counterfeiters, because Nadia Toffa, Ruberto Burioni, Umberto Veronesi and many other pranksters, they tell you, they make you believe, that, even if they don’t have the cure against colds, they have cancer remedies.

Unlike Umberto Veronesi, however, who has fed for years the most blatant and vulgar propaganda in order to cut women’s tits, women wrongly accused of having breast cancer, Nadia Toffa has really been cut open, she says, by butchers in white coat (Umberto Veronesi, on the contrary, when he realized that it was his turn to be diagnosed with cancer, he preferred to die in mysterious silence, rather than indulge in fake therapies of official oncology and get roasted by ionizing radiations, poisoned by chemotherapy and submit to other tortures of butchers in white coat that, in addition to tearing you apart with sharp sabers, have even invented the “nuclear medicine“, to completely destroy the thyroid and other endocrine glands, before proceeding with the other tortures.

If it is true that Nadia Toffa died of cancer, it could also be true that her cancer is a “gift”; not for her, obviously, but for those who have not yet become ill, if they do not want to continue to be fooled to the end .

Her death so quickly, and so quickly after her television lies, clearly shows the falsity of her propaganda.

From now on we should no longer have the courage to repeat the very dangerous bullshit that that blockhead told on television for years, before getting sick herself and even just before dying.

If instead, as expected, the puppets on television will continue to repeat those fraudulent idiocies, completely ignoring the tragic contrast between the television stories and the real death, Nadia Toffa will have died deservedly but in vain, a victim of her own stupidity and ignorance, stuck in the mechanism of television liers and victim of those same TV tales. Her “gift of cancer“, as she called it, will therefore be an unused gift.

The only cures for cancer” shouts Nadia Toffa “and – thank god – they are chemo and radio (6:55)…” much so that right away she died.

“Of cancer, long ago we died … today fortunately we manage to fight it,” she insists on blathering Nadia Toffa “because science is making a lot of progresses (7:40)…” effective progresses that immediately she dies out.


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